MES 0165 How did we get here: Middle East City from Antiquity to the Present
MES 1450 The Archival of Gestures
MES 1995B Israel/Palestine: Holy Land – Profane Spaces

ANTH 1151 Ethnographies of the Muslim Middle East

ARAB 0200 First-Year Arabic
ARAB 0400 Second-Year Arabic
ARAB 0600 Third-Year Arabic
ARAB 0800 Advanced Arabic Language + Culture
ARAB 1200 Modern Arabic Literature in Exile 

ARCH 1625 Temples and Tombs: Egyptian Religion and Culture

ASYR 1010 Intermediate to Akkadian
ASYR 1725 Scientific Thought in Ancient Iraq *Fulfills Capstone Requirement

Comparative Literature
COLT 0711F Arabic Literature: The Qur’an to Darwish *Fulfills Capstone Requirement
COLT 1814M: Postcolonial Literature & Thought in the Middle East and North Africa *Fulfills Capstone Requirement

Development Studies
DEVL 1802R The History and Politics of Development in the Middle East


EGYT 0300 In the Beginning: Cosmos and Creation in the Ancient World
EGYT 1320 Introduction to Classical Hieroglyphic Egyptian Writing and Language (Middle Egyptian II)
EGYT 1440 History of Egypt II

Graduate Course
HIST 2971R Approaches to Middle East History

HIST 0150D Refugees: A Twentieth-Century History
HIST 0247   Civilization, Empire, Nation: Competing Histories of the Middle East
HIST 0574A The Silk Road, Past and Present *Fulfills Capstone Requirement
HIST 1260D Living Together: Muslims, Christians, and Jews in Medieval Iberia *Fulfills Capstone Requirement
HIST 1963L Barbarians, Byzantines, and Berbers: Early Medieval North Africa, AD 100-1050 *Fulfills Capstone Requirement
HIST 1968L Islamic Law and Societies: Evolution and Revolutions
HIST 1969B Israel-Palestine: Lands and Peoples II

History of Art and Architecture
HIAA 0460 Muslims, Jews and Christians in Medieval Iberia *Fulfills Capstone Requirement

Judaic Studies
JUDS 0050H Israel’s Wars
JUDS 0090B Readings in Biblical Hebrew
JUDS 0200   Elementary Hebrew
JUDS 0400   Intermediate Hebrew
JUDS 0600   Issues in Contemporary Israeli Society, Politics, and Culture in Hebrew
JUDS 1602   Mishnah and Tosefta *Fulfills Capstone Requirement
JUDS 1620   Jerusalem Since 1850: Religion, Politics, Cultural Heritage
JUDS 1670   Ancient Synagogues, Churches, and Mosques in Palestine *Fulfills Capstone Requirement
JUDS 1713   Introduction to Yiddish Culture and Language

MUSC 1905E    Music in the Middle East and North Africa

PRSN 0200 Basic Persian
PRSN 0400 Intermediate Persian Language and Culture
PRSN 0600 Advanced Persian Language and Culture I

Religious Studies
RELS 0290D Islamic Sexualities
RELS 1530E Muhammad and the Quran

SOC 1871L Migration, Displacement and Emerging Community Experiences: Contemporary Turkey *Fulfills Capstone Requirement

TKSH 0200 Introduction to Turkish

University Courses
UNIV 1001 The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Contested Narratives