Middle East Studies

Summer 2021 Courses


MES 1244 Orientalism and the Question of Palestine: Theory, History, Literature
Wednesday 3:00-5:30 p.m.
Professor: Adi Ophir
Kassar House FOX

Edward Said’s ground breaking work, Orientalism, was published in 1978 and soon became a founding moment for the field of postcolonial theory and a pivotal point of return within it. A year later, Said published The Question of Palestine. This was one of the first comprehensive accounts of the Palestinian condition as a stateless nation. The book’s explicit goal was to present the Palestinian story and cause to an American and European audience, with a special effort to reach out to Jewish American intellectuals. The seminar first task will be to highlight and explore explicit and tacit links and divergences between the two books. The goal is to identify two, not entirely compatible frames for studying “Palestine,” as a piece of land, a homeland, and above all a set of historically changing conditions of Jewish-Palestinian co-existence and co-habitation.




ARAB 0200 First-Year Arabic (Elsa Belmont Flores)


Courses that may count towards electives, meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies to discuss


ANTH 1911 Gender and Sexuality in the Middle East (Nadje Al-Ali)

Archaeology and the Ancient World

ARCH 0150 Introduction to Egyptian Archaeology and Art (Laurel Bestock)


ASYR 0310 Thunder-gods and Dragon-slayers: Mythology + Cultural Contact - Ancient Mediterranean and Near East (Felipe Rojas Silva) WRIT | First-Year Seminar


HIST 0245 Middle Earth: A History of the Modern Middle East (Faiz Ahmed) 

International and Public Affairs

IAPA 0300 Costs of War (Catherine Lutz) 

Religious Studies

RELS 0014 Jesus (Jae Han) WRIT


MES 1244 Orientalism and the Question of Palestine: Theory, History, Literature (Adi Ophir)