Middle East Studies


History of Religions

Shahzad Bashir | The Living Dead of Tabriz: Explorations in Chronotopic Imagination (History of Religions; February, 2020)

The International History Review

Faiz Ahmed | Meddling with Medals, Defending the Dead: Late Ottoman Soft Power from South Asia to North America (The International History Review; February, 2020)

History and Theory: Studies in the Philosophy of History

Shahzad Bashir | Introduction to “Islamic Pasts: Histories, Concepts, Interventions” issue (History and Theory: Studies in the Philosophy of History; December, 2019)

Perspectives on History

Faiz Ahmed | Learning from Afghanistan’s Independence (Perspectives on History; November, 2019)

 Jerusalem Quarterly

Beshara Doumani | The Everyday and the Shadow Years (Jerusalem Quarterly; Autumn, 2019)

the New Yorker

Elias Muhanna | Karl Sharro’s Acid-Tinged Satire of the Middle East (the New Yorker; February, 2019)

the New Yorker

Elias Muhanna | A New History of Arabia, Written in Stone (the New Yorker; May, 2018)

Journal of Palestine Studies

Beshara Doumani, Alex Winder | 1948 and Its Shadows (Journal of Palestine Studies; Autumn, 2018) 

the New York Times

Elias Muhanna | Piano Lessons in the Panopticon (the New York Times; September, 2018)

Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies

Nadje Al‐Ali,  Latif Tas | Clashes, Collaborations & Convergences: Evolving Relations of Turkish and Kurdish Women’s Rights Activists (Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies; August, 2018)

Archiv für Religionsgeschichte

Shahzad Bashir | Everlasting Doubt: Uncertainty in Islamic Representations of the Past (Archiv für Religionsgeschichte; March, 2018)

LSE Middle East Centre Paper Series

Nadje Al‐Ali,  Latif Tas | Dialectics of Struggle: Challenges to the Kurdish Women's Movement (LSE Middle East Centre Paper Series; March, 2018)

InterDisciplines: Journal of History and Sociology

Shahzad Bashir | Eurocentrism, Islam, and the Intellectual Politics of Civilizational Framing (InterDisciplines: Journal of History and Sociology; February, 2018)

European Journal of Women's Studies

Nadje Al-Ali | Sexual Violence in Iraq: Challenges for Transnational Feminist Politics (European Journal of Women's Studies; February, 2018)

Nations and Nationalisms

Nadje Al‐Ali,  Latif Tas | Reconsidering Nationalism and Feminism: the Kurdish Political Movement in Turkey (Nations and Nationalisms; January 2018)

the New Yorker

Elias Muhanna | Mashrou’ Leila and the Night Club’s Political Power (the New Yorker; July, 2017)

the New Yorker

Elias Muhanna | What Gertrude Bell’s Letters Remind Us About the Founding of Iraq (the New Yorker; June, 2017)

the New Yorker

Elias Muhanna | Is Lebanon’s New Electoral System a Path Out of Sectarianism? (the New Yorker; June, 2017)


the New Yorker

Elias Muhanna | The Contradictions of Reza Aslan’s “Believer" (the New Yorker; April, 2017)

Journal of the Ottoman and Turkish Studies Association

Faiz Ahmed | Contested Subjects: Ottoman and British Jurisdictional Quarrels in re Afghans and Indian Muslims (Journal of the Ottoman and Turkish Studies Association; November, 2016)

International Journal of Middle East Studies

Faiz Ahmed | In the Name of a Law: Islamic Legal Modernism and the Making of Afghanistan’s 1923 Constitution (International Journal of Middle East Studies; September, 2016)