Middle East Studies

International Conference: Zionism as a Cultural Movement

Sunday, April 6 –
Monday, April 7, 2014

Pembroke Hall 305, 172 Meeting St.

Partner Events

Sunday, April 6

11:00 AM-12:15 PM Pembroke 305

Keynote Address:  Reflections on Zionism and Writing: Literature in an  Ideological Context
Speaker: Author, Ronit Matalon
Chair: Rachel Rojanski, Brown University

1:15-3:15 PM Smith-Buonanno 201

Panel I: The Zionist Idea and Jewish Culture

The Culture-Moment in Early Jewish Nationalism
David Myers, UCLA

Bonfire at Arnona or Crucifixion at Golgotha?
Bruce Saposnik, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

Travel, Tourism and Cultural Zionism in Theodore  Herzl's Altneuland
Dimitry Shumsky, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

“Flowing with Milk and Honey”: Science, Cows, and the  Burdens of Producing a Sacred Land
Tamar Novick, University of Pennsylvania

Chair: Maud Mandel, Brown University

3:30-5:30 PM Smith-Buonanno 201

Panel II: Power and Powerlessness in Hebrew Literature

Zionist Literature: The Impossibility of the Rhetoric of  Partition
Hannan Hever, Yale University

Oedipus in Kishinev: The Tragic Turn in Early Zionist  Culture
Mikhal Dekel, CUNY, City College

Politics of Powerlessness: Zionism and Sexual Violence in  Early Hebrew Literature
Ilana Szobel, Brandeis University

Rethinking Tel-Aviv as a Zionist Space
Barbara Mann, Je

wish Theological Seminary

Chair: Ilan Troen, Brandeis University

7:30-9:15 PM Pembroke 305

Evening Program:  Concert Chamber Music Performed by Israeli Musicians

Oedoen Partos, Agada for Viola and Piano
Mordechai Seter, “Intimo” for Flute and Piano
Mark Lavry, Trio for Flute, Viola and Piano
Oded Zehavi, Four songs for Soprano and Piano

Yossi Arnheim, Principal Flutist, Israel Philharmonic  Orchestra
Lotem Beider, Viola, Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
Irena Friedland, Piano, Israel
Claire Meghnagi, Soprano, Israel
Musical director and opening rema

Monday, April 7rks: Oded Zehavi, University of  Haifa

9:00-11:00 AM Brown/RISD Hillel, The Chapel

Symposium: Ideology, Politics, and culture - The Zionist  Case

Israel Bartal, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
David Engel, New York University
Derek Penslar, Oxford

University and University of  Toronto
Steve Zipperstein, Stanford University
Moderator: Rachel Rojanski, Brown University

11:10 AM-1:00 PM Brown/RISD Hillel, The Chapel

Panel III: Representations and Critiques

Longing for Sinai: Zionism as a Jewish Critique of  Culture in the Work of M. L. Lilienblum, Ahad Ha'am  and M. J. Berdyczewski
Olga Litvak, Clark University

The Synagogue and the Library; Jewish Intellectuals  and the Zionist Movement in Warsaw and Lwów at the  End of the Nineteen Century
Ela Bauer, Kibbutzim College, Israel

“A Cult of Labor”: Popular Representations of Zionist  Pioneering in Interwar Poland
Rona Yona, Tel-Aviv University

Chair: Ofer Dynes, Harvard University

1:45- 3:15 PM Brown/RISD Hillel, The Capel

Panel IV: A New Visual Culture

A Knesset in the Jungle: The Building of the Sierra-Leone Parliament (1960-1961)
Ayala Levin, Columbia University

Between the Star of David and the Olive: Towards a  Shared Symbolic Space in Israel?
Hizky Shoham, Bar-Ilan University

Rethinking Cinema and the Place of the Individual in  Israeli Society: The Aporia of Zionist Cultural History
Eric Zakim, University of Maryland

Chair: Omer Bartov, Brown University

3:15- 5:00 PM Brow

n/RISD Hillel, The Capel

Panel V: Zionism in Music

When Hermann Cohen Cried: Hebrew Music and the  Imprint of Empire
James Loeffler, University of Virginia

The Intricate Relations of "Jewish" and "Zionist": Music  by Jewish and Israeli Composers, 1933-1973
Yuval Shaked, University of Haifa, Israel

Reflections: The Land of Israel and Its Representation in  the Music of Ben-Haim, Partos, Engel and Lavry
Oded Zehavi, University of Haifa, Israel

Chair: Mary Gluck, Brown University

Organizing Committee:
Rachel Rojanski, Brown University
Israel Bartal, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Ofer Dynes, Harvard University