Middle East Studies

Perspectives on Iran Nuclear Negotiations

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

12 p.m.

Joukowsky Forum

Lunch available at 11:45.

The framework agreement announced April 2nd between P5+1 major powers and Iran is being heralded by the Obama Administration as an historic understanding, which if implemented will prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons and potentially set the stage for fundamental changes in relations with Iran. Skeptics charge that the deal allowing even limited nuclear enrichment and research leaves too much of Iran's suspect nuclear program intact. To discuss the proposed deal, the path ahead to the June 30 deadline for a final agreement, and the implications of these developments for international nonproliferation policy and US and regional security, the Watson Institute will host a lunchtime panel of faculty and Brown alumni/MIT Professor James Walsh.

Sue Eckert, Senior Fellow, Watson Institute

Stephen Kinzer, Visiting Fellow, Watson Institute

Nina Tannenwald, Director International Relations Program, Brown University

James Walsh, Research Associate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Security Studies Program

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