Middle East Studies

MES Senior Capstone/Thesis Presentations

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

9:00am – 3:00pm

Joukowsky Forum, Watson Institute

Graduating seniors will present their honors thesis or capstone papers. View program here.

Sabiya Ahamed, "Demanding Dignity: Syrian Refugees & the Resettlement Process in Providence, RI"
Nikhita Mendis, "Breaking and Making Sri Lankans: Serlankiyye Subjectivities and Practicing Lajja"
Kutay Onayli, "Other Things That May Have Happened During A Long Day"
Sophie Kasakove, "From Counter-insurgency to Statehood: Israeli Spatial Securitization and the Arab Revolt"
Ruby Moore-Bloom, "A GIS Spatial Analysis of Iraqi and Syrian Refugees Resettled in New England"
aishad Kai-ren, "Under what conditions do oil exports lead to exporter interventions in third countries?"
Raphaela Chakravarti, "Reassessing Contentious Politics: The Algerian War of Independence"
Asya Igmen, "The Syrian Diaspora's Potential to Fill the Gaps in Traditional Humanitarian Response"
Max Schindler, "Toward a historicized hermeneutics of the Shoah and its consquences for human rights"
Melissa Dembski-Sullivan, "The use of supplemental resources in Arabic foreign language high school curriculums"

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