Middle East Studies

MES 1270 Histories of Watching and Surveying course inspires review of MoMA PS1 exhibit by Lucy Duda '20

May 8, 2020

Lucy Duda '20 is a triple-concentrator in music, history, and education studies. Her article Bridging the Gulf: MoMA PS1 and the Art of War was written based on a trip to the museum for Samine Tabatabaei’s MES 1270 Histories of Watching and Surveying course, which explores the history of watching and surveying through the lens of critical theory, visual and performance studies, and mass media. 

Lucy's review of the exhibition Theater of Operations: Gulf Wars 1991-2011 focuses on museums as a site for reifying history, juxtaposing constructions of the truth, and critiquing aesthetics and technologies of imperialism. Foregrounding the tension between the exhibit's antiwar stance and ongoing calls for MoMA to divest from the military industrial complex, she investigates the relationship between powerful institutions, material culture, and political action.

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