Middle East Studies

Joint Statement, CMES and CHR&HS | Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

February 7, 2023

We are writing to express our profound sadness and solidarity with everyone who has family and friends in the areas affected by the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. As the numbers of dead and injured increase by the hour, our thoughts are with our students and colleagues who are worried about their loved ones, as well as the people experiencing this disaster.

Even prior to the recent earthquakes, this region in southeastern Turkey and northwestern Syria was already in crisis with millions of refugees and internally displaced people fleeing the ongoing war in Syria. Freezing weather conditions, chronic food shortages, and a recent cholera outbreak had already left the vast majority of the population in desperate need of humanitarian assistance. The earthquake will both increase humanitarian need and complicate aid delivery.

For those seeking more information about the crisis or ways to help, the Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Studies at the Watson Institute has launched a resource hub, which we will continue to update as more information becomes available. 

Resource Hub

Nadje Al-Ali, Director, Center for Middle East Studies
Adam Levine, Director, Center for Human Rights & Humanitarian Studies