Middle East Studies

Karolin Machtans

Associate Professor and Chair of German Studies at Connecticut College

Department: German Studies

Karolin Machtans is an associate professor and the chair of German Studies at Connecticut College. She is the author of Zwischen Wissenschaft und autobiographischem Projekt: Saul Friedländer und Ruth Klüger (2009); co-editor, with Martin Ruehl, of Hitler – Films from Germany: History, Cinema, and Politics since 1945 (2012); co-editor, with Helga Druxes and Alexandar Mihailovic, of the first volume of criticism in English dedicated to Iranian-German author and scholar of Islam, Navid Kermani (2016); and co-editor, together with David Coury, of the first volume in English about Iraqi-German author Abbas Khider (2021).

She has published numerous articles in the fields of Holocaust and (forced) migration studies and is currently working on three new research projects, focusing on (a) language and accent discrimination; (b) the representation of asylum interviews; and (c) the representation of transnational families in contemporary German literature of refuge. Before joining Connecticut College in 2012, Karolin was a visiting lecturer of German at the University of Cambridge (2006-2010) and an assistant professor of German at California Polytechnic State University (2010-2012).