Middle East Studies

Lana Askari

Anthropologist, documentary filmmaker and policy advisor

Lana Askari is an anthropologist, documentary filmmaker, and policy advisor. After studying political science and anthropology at University College Utrecht and Cambridge University, she was trained in documentary filmmaking at the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology Manchester. She obtained her Ph.D. in social anthropology with visual media from the University of Manchester. Her research looks at future imaginations, migration, and youth in the Kurdistan region. She has produced the following short films, “Bury me Here” (2021), “Bridge to Kobane” (2019), “Future Factory” (2018), and “Haraka Baraka: Movement is a Blessing” (2014). 

Lana currently works as a research fellow at the Netherlands Scientific Council for Policy (WRR) and is a part-time assistant professor in anthropology at the University of Amsterdam, where she teaches the course “Anthropology of the Middle East” and supervises master students in visual anthropology.