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Announcing Fall 2019 Center for Middle East Studies Research Travel Award Recipients

December 5, 2019

Research Travel Award winners poster

Undergraduate Research Travel

Olivia Hinch ’20 (International Relations)

Olivia Hinch

Olivia Hinch ’20 is a concentrator in international relations with a focus on the Middle East and North Africa. Her senior honors thesis, entitled “Women’s Participation in Revolutionary Moments: Gender and Class in Tunisia, 2011,” seeks to understand the marginalization of gender-based struggle in times of radical political transformation. With the CMES Research Travel Award, Olivia will spend two weeks in Tunisia conducting interviews with women’s rights activists, members of the Tunisian General Labor Union, and other women who participated in the 2011 Tunisian Revolution. Olivia’s findings will explore mechanisms for women’s participation in revolutionary moments today, such as in Lebanon, Sudan, and Iraq.

Zenab Youssef ’20 (Middle East studies)

Zenab Youssef

Zenab Youssef ’20 is a concentrator in Middle East studies and gender and sexuality studies. Her thesis investigates intersectional diasporic Muslim subjectivities in the West. Her research analyzes the struggles of Muslim diaspora through contemporary literature, online visibility projects, and photography. With this award, she will be visiting newfound spaces and communities where historically marginalized Muslims reclaim their faith, are allowed to foster their spiritual life, and opportunities for joy and bonding across identity markers occur. 

Graduate Research Travel

Martin Uildriks (Archaeology and the Ancient World) 

Martin Uildriks

Martin Uildriks (‘21) is a fifth year PhD candidate at the Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World and a third year computer science master student through Brown’s Open Graduate Education program. His PhD dissertation examines the utility of archival data for contemporary scholarship; the CMES Travel Award allows him to study an unpublished archaeological archive of a 6,000 year old Egyptian cemetery at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. This archive formed in the early 20th century and remains fairly intact whereby it provides rare and unique opportunities to evaluate early 20th century scholarship against current ideas on ancient Egypt.

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About Middle East Studies Research Travel Awards

Up to $1,000 for Middle East studies undergraduate concentrators
Up to $1,500 for Middle East studies graduate students

  • Priority is given to undergraduate students concentrating in Middle East studies using the funds towards research for the senior Capstone or Honors Thesis
  • Students in concentrations other than Middle East studies but with Middle East-related research will be considered 
  • Graduate applicant support is based on travel focused specifically on conducting research for their dissertations